Corona Virus (Covid-19) Notice: Please note that New Zealand has been placed at Covid-19 Alert Level 4. All non-essential businesses (including Bio-Mer) have been instructed to close until further notice. Orders placed during this close-down period will be processed as soon as possible after our return. Please expect significant delays. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Premium Marine-Based Supplements from New Zealand

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New Zealand
Green-Lipped Mussel

About Bio-Mer

Bio-Mer Limited is a proud New Zealand owned and operated company, producing the very best marine based health supplements.

Bio-Mer is heavily involved throughout the entire supply chain. They start by sourcing quality marine products from their own aquaculture facilities which are positioned in pristine NZ waters. Quality, sustainability and ethical practice are paramount for the company and are guaranteed from the ocean through to production and packaging.

Bio-Mer adheres to their own strict standards and will not compromise on quality. Their focus is for their supplements to be at the pinnacle of the industry, meaning Bio-Mers consumers are getting the very best supplement and are guaranteed results.