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Curcumin Benefits


This superfood has been shown to support brain health and function, help re-grow new neurological pathways, reduce pain and inflammation, support heart health, with some anti-carcinogenic properties. Read more about curcumin

Natural Dietary

Health Supplements and Vitamins

Welcome to Biomer. We manufacture natural vitamins supplements in New Zealand and distribute them to thousands of customers around the world. We specialize in high potency mussel oil and calcium products for purchase exclusively online with delivery worldwide - direct to your door.

Ingredients used in our unique dietary health supplements are sourced within New Zealand and from the pristine waters of the New Zealand and Antarctic fishing regions. We do not import or re-label any ingredients and guarantee 100% New Zealand origin and quality of purchase.

Our natural dietary supplement range includes Ossomer™ Calcium Supplements, Tripernol™ Mussel Oil, TripernolPlus™ with Curcumin, and Green Lipped™ Mussel Powder. All products are manufactured under license of the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI).

We pride ourselves on delivering value: Biomer products contain either more grams per active ingredient per supplement, or they provide the same quantity at a better price than comparative products. The overall result is consistently the same - better value and better health.