Tripernol® Green Lipped Mussel Oil

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Tripernol® Mussel Oil

  • acts as a natural phospholipid-rich Omega-3
  • supports joint lubrication
  • supports joint mobility and flexibility
  • helps joint function and mobility
  • promotes healthy airways
  • no reflux


Injury-induced pain and joint stiffness is caused by inflammation associated with a lack of phospholipids and Omega 3s in the body. Tripernol® Mussel Oil is a natural dietary supplement sourced from organically grown New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels.

Research suggests that mussel oil may have greater anti-inflammatory properties than traditional fish oils…meaning better efficacy in supporting joint health and mobility, as well as various systemic functions. This is due to the greater proportion of phospholipids and Omega 3s found in Tripernol®.

Benefits of Phospholipids and Omega 3

In recent years the physical and mental health benefits of Omega 3 have been assessed through numerous studies and clinical trials. Dietary supplementation of Omega 3 is highly regarded for its positive effects in supporting the function of various health systems in the body such as:

  • brain health
  • heart health
  • eye health
  • skin health
  • digestive health
  • joint health

Health Benefits Associated With Tripernol® Mussel Oil:

  • Acts as a natural phospholipid-rich Omega 3 supporting areas of inflammation
  • Supports joint health
  • Supports general systemic health and function
  • Promotes healthy airways

What do Tripernol® soft gels contain?

Tripernol® Mussel Oil is extracted from organically certified New Zealand green lipped mussels only. These mussels are grown and harvested from the pristine waters surrounding Stewart Island. Stewart Island is the southernmost island of New Zealand and is free of farming and agriculture and untainted by pollution from farming run-off and industrial toxins.

Tripernol® is blended with GMO-free, organically certified lecithin. The rationale behind adding lecithin as the carrier is because it is rich in plant phospholipids - nature's botanical equivalent to Tripernol’s marine phospholipids.

These phospholipids work in harmony and synergistically with each other. Lecithin is also a powerful anti-oxidant and is used to protect the Omega 3 compounds.

Biomer's unique purification technology ensures the naturally occurring ratios of phospholipids and Omega 3s found in green lipped mussels are extracted and included as the active ingredient in Tripernol soft gels.

Tripernol contains eight Omega 3s, that are prejudicially attached to marine phospholipids. These molecules work together synergistically as designed by nature.

Licensed by Ministry of Primary Industries. Biomer® is registered as a RMP-licensed manufacturer with the New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industries for the extraction and export of active Nutraceutical Products for human consumption. This stringent auditing and licensing process ensures that the highest standards are met for quality product development.