Nutraceutical SoftGel Contract Manufacturing New Zealand

Bio-Mer is your New Zealand nutraceutical contract manufacturing partner providing services from freeze-drying through to extraction and softgel encapsulation. Located in Christchurch, New Zealand, we work with domestic and international clients to produce products to the highest standards.


Extraction - Bio-Mer specialise in marine extractions, however can assist with botanical extractions. 

Blending - Oil and powder blending. 

Freeze-Drying - Bio-Mer can assist with any animal, marine or botanical freeze-drying. 

Soft-gel Encapsulation - Bio-Mer can softgel encapsulate a range of products from fish oils through to honey. Softgels can be either 150mg or 500mg and produced using either bovine or fish gelatin. Enteric softgel encapsulation may be considered upon request.

Hard-gel Encapsulation - vegecapsules, bovine capsules or enteric coated capsules. 

Bottling - Private label health supplements.

Bulk Products - Bio-Mer manufacture bulk extracts including Green Lipped Mussel Oil and Green Lipped Mussel Powder for further manufacture either by Bio-Mer themselves or third parties. Green Lipped Mussel Oil and Green Lipped Mussel Powder is produced to food grade/nutraceutical standards and is used in a variety of applications from health supplements to pet food. 


Bio-Mer has a dedicated team of researchers and technicians ready to assist with your project.


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