Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle

Anti Inflammatory Foods & Healthy Lifestyle

Anti inflammatory supplements complement your lifestyle and food choices for a comprehensive diet with minimal inflammation. This may lead to further decreased risks of developing degenerative diseases.

An anti inflammatory diet containing anti inflammatory foods lays the foundation for reducing inflammation. To build on your anti inflammatory diet, Tripernol® Mussel Oil and NZ Green Lipped Mussel Powder are high potency, natural anti inflammatory supplements.

For enhanced anti inflammatory benefits, our Curcumol® contains curcumin which complements the already potent mussel oil with additional properties associated with supporting brain health and joint health.   

Our mussel oil and mussel powder products are extracted from 100% natural New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels and are available exclusively online.

The enhanced effectiveness of Tripernol® Mussel Oil when compared with more traditional fish oils is due to the increased number of phospholipids naturally present with the omega-3 in New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels.

Benefits of an Anti Inflammatory Diet

Five reasons to include our mussel products into your diet:

1.    They've been shown to help support joint health
2.    Their natural anti inflammatory properties are associated with supporting the body's response to inflammatory conditions
3.    They may help support brain health
4.    Sourced from the pure and pristine waters around Stewart Island in New Zealand
5.    Naturally high in omega-3 and phospholipids to help reduce the risk of deficiency-induced health conditions

Why you need omega-3 fatty acids:

  • Over the last century, an increase in omega-6 fatty acids and a decrease in omega-3s have led to an imbalance in our contemporary diets.
  • This imbalance has been linked to negative health consequences such as an increasing incidence of inflammatory disorders. This has been affiliated with an over-representation of omega-6 derivatives and metabolites involved in prolonged and detrimental immune system activity.
  • By increasing the intake of Omega-3, the ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 in cell membranes changes.
  • Increased proportions of omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA in the diet have been shown to generate an anti-inflammatory response, as well as improve fetal and infant developments, as well as cardio-protective and neuro-protective benefits.


A faster working natural anti inflammatory

The concentrated natural anti inflammatory qualities exhibited by New Zealand green lipped mussels are derived from their naturally occurring omega-3. Omega-3 in these mussels is attached to phospholipids, making them more bio-available -  faster and more easily absorbed into the bloodstream and to where they are needed most.


Research suggests that green lipped mussels may have greater efficacy and potency in supporting inflammatory conditions. Unlike many other marine sources, the green lipped mussel has a diet of phytoplankton and algae rich in omega-3 and its lipid composition is predominated by phospholipids (57-79%).

Our mussel products are natural anti inflammatory foods extracted from an abundant, environmentally-friendly and sustainable source.


Biomer® is registered as a RMP-licensed manufacturer with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority for the extraction and export of active Nutraceutical Products for human consumption. This stringent auditing and licensing ensures that the highest standards are met for quality product development.