NeuroPlas Plasmalogen Complex

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Support the Bodys Resistance of Neurodegenerative Diseases: NeuroPlas Plasmalogen Complex has been specifically designed for individuals with a high risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as alzheimers and dementia, or individuals who suffer from memory loss or brain fatique.

More Plasmalogens than the Current Leading Brain-Health Supplement: Ethanolamine Plasmalogens are the key ingredient to any brain-health supplement as they are known to protect brain cells from deteriorating. Each NeuroPlas Plasmalogen Complex dose contains 8mg of Ethanolamine Plasmalogens.

Contains Bio-available Curcumin: Curcumin is one of natures “super-foods”, it has anti-inflammatory properties and is known to assist with the breakdown of amyloid plaque build-up which is widely accepted as a leading cause of alzheimers. Bio-Mers patented process ensures the curcumin in NeuroPlas Plasmalogen Complex is bio-available.

Provides Superior Support to the Heart and Eyes: Plasmalogens and Curcumin are both known to support heart and eye health, making NeuroPlas Plasmalogen Complex not only a must have supplement the possible prevention of alzheimers or dementia, but for overall health.

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NeuroPlas Plasmalogen Complex has been specifically formulated to support the body's resistance to neurodegenerative diseases such as alzheimers or dementia, and to provide overall support to the mind, heart, and eyes. 

The high levels of plasmalogens found in the brain are known to protect the brain cells from deteriorating. As we get older, the number of plasmalogens in the brain decreases, making us more susceptible to memory loss and neurodegenerative disorders such alzheimers or dementia.

NeuroPlas Plasmalogen Complex is a marine-based proprietary blend of high DHA plasmalogens specifically formulated to help restore the right plasmalogens (ethanolamine-plasmalogens) in our brain. Each dose of NeuroPlas Plasmalogen Complex contains 8mg of ethanolamine plasmalogens.

NeuroPlas Plasmalogen Complex is complexed with curcumin using Bio-Mers patented process. Many research rticles suggest that curcumin assists with the breakdown of amyloid plaque build-up which is widely accepted as a leading cause of Alzheimer’s.

It has been reported that reduced levels of plasmalogens are also associated with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, and respiratory disease.

Suggested Dosage: 2 Capsules per day.




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